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ARBAnova Familienstiftung

The founders Marianne and Reinhold A. Barlian founded the ARBAnova Familienstiftung (Family Foundation) in 2017 on the basis of their intensive and challenging entrepreneurial lives.

The values created by the founder's hand are intended to secure the economic basis for the future through meaningful investments and innovations. In addition, this should create education and work for new generations of young people. In this way, the founders also want to express their gratitude for the support they have received in their professional lives from helpful people who, together with them, have ultimately created the economic basis for this foundation.

The assets available to the foundation can and should be a bridge to the future. An essential part of these assets should serve people, especially in Europe, to create work, prosperity and thus peace again and again. The promotion of science and research, youth welfare and care for the elderly as well as civic commitment in favour of charitable purposes play an important role.